Ballet Shoes is the Summer's Last Surprise

By brandon919
Written August 30, 2008
My 10 year-old niece who takes dance classes and is warming up to the Harry Potter books/films begged me to take her to see Emma Watson's new film, Ballet Shoes, saying it was the last thing she was looking forward to before her dreaded return to school next week. Not only did she love it, but I did too - and it made for a very special afternoon for both of us. This was a delightful film - one that you just don't see in the movies anymore. The performances were heartfelt and real. The casting was spot on and the story was truly inspiring for both young and old. I would recommend anyone who has a little girl in their lives to take them to see this on the big screen, and then to buy them the book and the DVD - it is that good. If my niece is any indication, it will be one of those movies they will probably remember for the rest of their lives and will want to revisit again and again.
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loved it!

By coffeebreak95
Written August 24, 2008
I completely loved this movie. All the performances were great, the girls who played the three sisters were excellent. When I saw this movie in the beginning of the year, I remember thinking "now why aren't these kinds of movies in theaters," now it is. Thank God for Emma Watson's growing star power. I actually liked it better than Atonement (blushes.) I can't wait to take my daughter to it.
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