Bajirao Mastani Synopsis
In 16th century India, an undefeated warrior, the Hindu Maratha King Shahu bestowed Bajirao Ballal with the title of Peshwa. He became the greatest weapon of the Maratha Empire, which he expanded through non-stop war campaigns 8 months of the year.
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Movie Reviews

A MUST watch

By vghadge1
Bajirao Mastani - watched it today in AMC Star. What an awesome movie. Forget about the controversy on the validity of few things (which Bhansali did say upfront in disclaimer) .... But there is no...

Best movie

By kc2828
Vah bhansali u proved u r the great director...

Visual treat

By jack_2060
The cinematography and details are awesome , Deepika did an astounding job, both acting and expression . Overall a visual treat to watch....


Exciting and Engrossinng...

Trash movie. Gays will like Ranveer

By abdulhaiarif

Visual Spectacle

By 1Zak
Must watch on full screen. Beautiful movie. Fantastic sets, background, CG and costume. Great acting and story....

Awesome energetic bollywood movie

By abhishekkadam
Nice movie. Could be 5 star but 4 star is deserving....

Truly a Classic

By Foziaj81
This movie was superb! Great story line, great dialogues,awesome effects. Music was beautiful and scenes ,dances were very well coreographed! I would not recommend this movie for kids. Planning on...

Great movie n story.

By khalsamandeeps

No Bigger than a High School Play

By sunnyk616
This movie was awful. I am a big fan of Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. However, they were not able to shine in their roles as they were restricted by mediocre and lackluster writing. All but...