Baghead Synopsis
Two couples retreat to a log cabin to write the great American screenplay only to find themselves stalked by a mysterious man with a bag on his head.
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This film is actually hilarious

By rzr
Quirky comedy, not horror, but a great riff on indie filmmaking full of clever, bitterly funny moments and real, believable performances. (I don't think people should be allowed to actually VOTE on a...


By greenieblade
this movie looks pretty funny i have to admit, but on the other hand... NOT SCARY AT ALL. i might go but i will probably get the same feeling from this movie as i did from texas chainsaw massacre... ...


By smt0922
I've seen several of the Duplass Brother's Movies and they keep getting better and better. While Baghead is not your typical horror movie (don't expect too much "scary") it is extremely well...


By austin55
looks realy suckishes...

A bag of fun.

By wprphd
Both funny and, at a couple of points, scary. I could empathize with each of the characters and they seemed believable. I guess a lot of the dialog was semi-spontaneous; in this case that worked...


By jmarshallash
Amaturish. Weak actors. Slightly interesting plot after a very long slow start. We felt quite mislead by Ordona, the L A Times critic who gave it 3.5 stars. One star would be plenty....


By picking_great_movie-seats
After recently seeing some Hollywood mega movies, with tons of special effects, Baghead was a breath of fresh air. It is a tribute to the low budget, indi film and the camera angles, as wells as the...


By Dominicangrocery bag

Baghead is notgood

By Emmie1124
wean i saw the trailer of baghead it is dumb becuse bagheads are not good...

who cares

By Caveboy0
i have seen the trailers and it just isn't my kind of movie. for instance i don't care much for horror and why make a movie that is the two genres that don't go together there opposites. horrors is...

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Rated R | For language, some sexual content and nudity