Baggage Claim Synopsis
As her sister's nuptials approach, an unmarried flight attendant searches for a mate of her own.
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Wait for DVD/ Netflix

By luvlife810
It was slow and all the good scenes were revealed in commercials... blah!! Needed more drama!! Obvious ending. Wouldn't buy it but I like it because I could completely relate to her....

natassia blount

By miami7892002
i like the movie it was funny but what i didnt like was the fact that it was a preditable movie like at the end you already know that she was going to end up with the guy it should be at least some...


By donnapettus
This movie is a must see! U will not be disappointed!.. Its an AWESOME romance comedy!. @treysongz (Tremaine Aldon Neverson) has the funniest part!.. Well put together cast! If you haven't seen it,...

Loved the movie

By kamcfddn
I thought it was a great romantic comedy for a night out with the girls or a date night with your significant other. I laughed, I felt some sadness on occasion. I absolutely enjoyed the movie and...

Total fun chick flick

By sfjames
This is fun chick flick with beautiful people. Good movie for girlfriends. I watched it with my sister and we absolutely loved it. I frankly do not understand the bad reviews. All...

A feel good film, don't let negative reviews discourage

By prjones09
Why are all these critiques written like from God? I watched today and it was very enjoyable. I laughed throughout, cried, and yelled at the screen a few times. My only guess is that the people who...

A Sunday on the Couch Movie

By KellieThomas513
The movie not worth going to the theater, it was a rainy day on the couch movie. The movie was cute but not good. All the funny scenes were featured in the trailer and the ending was predictable....

Baggage Claim

By ehandsome58
It was a predictable movie but it was funny. It was also a feel good movie and with all the negativity in the world today, sometimes that's all you need. I did most definitely enjoy the movie. I...

Better than expected

By BlkFive0
I was surprised how much I liked this movie! I expected it to be a cornball chick flick. It was a chick flick, but not cornball. Even dudes would like this one....

Baggage claim

By elizabethbailey2
Funny, kept you interested all through the entire movie and had a super ending- makes you believe in romance again and shows you the real ugly side of men as well You have to go...

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Rated PG-13 | For sexual content and some language
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Common Sense Media says Predictable romcom sends iffy messages about love, marriage.
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