By ErikMayne
Written June 17, 2007
Best movie ever! anybody saying otherwise needs to be kicked in the face.
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Awesome 80's movie!!!

By BubblePopper
Written March 05, 2010
This is truly a popcorn classic. Marty (Michael J. Fox) helping his dad (the wonderful Crispin Glover who is sorely missed in the next two 'Futures') hook up with his mom (Lea Thompson) after he accidently interferes with their moment in time when they were to meet. It's thought-provoking fun as we watch the paradox unfold and try to keep things straight as the manic Doc (the perfectly wily Christopher Lloyd) explains the consequences if events are altered and change the future. Director Robert Zemeckis paces the movie just right and gives us plenty of entertainment with Marty interacting with the 1950's lifestyle (what's a "rerun"?). This si a movie the whole family will enjoy. Trust me, it's awesome!!! :D
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By tmakay
Written October 31, 2010
Loved the movie, loved it when it first came out.Took my 8 year old son and 11year old niece and they loved it. Great classic family film. They don't make them that way anymore.
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Completely different experience seeing this movie in the theatre!

By rkomenski
Written October 25, 2010
Loved seeing this movie in the theatre- it felt like a completely different movie! It looked beautiful- I could see every wrinkle on Doc's face! I loved that this was re-released on the anniversary!
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By jasonkara381
Written July 31, 2014
One of the best trilogys ever classic great can't wait for cubs to win as predicted in the sports almanac.and remember where we are going we don't need roads!!
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