What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this movie is not intended for kids. The comedy's motto "Chicks and guns and drugs and booze and fire trucks -- all the things that make life worth living for!" cues sex/nudity, prostitution (made to looks like fun), and  suggestions of lesbian, gay, and human-animal coupling. Drinking is jovial; drug jokes include a donkey (hired for a sex act) fatally overdosing. Swearing is at mild PG-13 level. Hotel property is gleefully trashed. Racial stereotypes include black pimps and horny Japanese men. Wealthy, upscale (AKA non-partying, polite) people are depicted negatively. Running jokes about suicide. Do-not-try-this-at-home stuff with a crossbow. Schoolkids are shown gambling (with the adult driver Rick's approval). Some mockery of nuns, for any conservative Catholics who might still be watching at the 70-minute mark. 
  • Families can talk about what parts they thought were funny and what parts were just sick. Does the 1984 humor hold up to today's standards?
  • Ask teens if they think Rick and Debbie will be happy as husband and wife.
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