Bachelorette Synopsis
Three girlfriends become irresponsible bridesmaids for a plus-sized pal whom they secretly ridicule.
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Bridesmaids, Hold the Upper Decker

By zephyrtr
More of a hard-nosed comedy than a lewd, 2-hour SNL sketch, Bachelorette starts off without giving you much time to think: old high school friends are reunited as the first of the four prepares for...

Intense Floral Arrangement

By gilbert282
How dynamic - the microscopic overlook of such charming and diverse maidens! I really loved the way Kirsten summarized the movie's conclusion - advancing from scene to scene, holding the fiasco...


By Bonitababs
Hated it. Walked out. On a scale of 0-10? Gave it a zero. It's a satire, said the critcs. A satire? Hardly; satire has wit; this has none. Just a bunch of losers snorting cocaine and eviscerating...

One big mean mess!

By jeffrohde
Nothing else to say other than hopefully this disgusting offensive waste of emulsion (digital or otherwise) keeps anyone form ever allowing Leslye Headland near a computer (to write) or a camera (to...

Hilarious DARK Comedy...don't go expecting "Bridesmaids II"

By 143-ChickFlicks
Seeing some of the more negative reviews I have to assume that people went expecting Bridesmaids II...that is not what this film is. If however you can appreciate a well written, sharp DARK comedy...


By RobinEdward
The best that could be said is that the film was somewhat entertaining and had moments that were funny, but for the most part it was exceptionally low-brow and in really bad taste. It is definitely...

Not another Bridesmaids

By kelelaoha
I was hoping that this would have the comedy and wittiness of Bridesmaids, especially since Rebel Wilson is awesome, but it was awkward (in the uncomfortable way) and kind of frustrating. Very dry. No...


By Bobby B
This movie was really terrible. An attempted rip off of Bridesmaids but not funny, not entertaining, and not clever. It is amazing that some of these actors/actresses wasted their time and talent...

Not One Good Thing About This Movie

By lisalahiff
I saw this movie on opening day. What a vulgar, cruel, drug filled, boring, terrible movie. The main character, a sweet heavy blonde is getting married and the entire movie is about how cruel and...

Movie Review

By jacex3wong
So me & the hubby watched this flick last night. We enjoyed it:)...

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Rated R | For Drug Use, Sexual Content and Pervasive Language
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Common Sense Media says Mean girls get nicer in raucous, raunchy party comedy.
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