Baby, Oh, BABIES

By konasmomma
Written May 13, 2010
This is a beautiful film, and shows just how universal the experiences of childhood are. The cinematography takes you right into their lives and lends a first-person quality to the film. Regardless of the continent, moms, dads and babies all seem to speak the same language; love. This film gives a sensitive, touching and often humorous perspective on pregnancy, birth and early childhood across 4 cultures. The babies are absolutely precious...I'd defy the viewer not to fall in love with these sweet faces. I think this film has multi-generational appeal, as no matter what your age, you can't resist the smile and giggle of a cute baby. Enjoy this movie, it'll make you feel young at heart!
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By kcnc
Written May 15, 2010
An interesting documentary on 4 different cultures and how their babies are raised. Amazing how children can eat dirt, suck on rocks, lick animals and still remain healthy and strong. We Americans are much too protective of our children and don't allow them to experience many natural wonders-the joy of plain exploration! This is not an epic winning film but a cute slice of life out of an infant and toddlers world, seen from their eyes and emotions. Very compelling.
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Five Word Review

By mamahobbles
Written May 07, 2010
Sweet Sometimes Sad Soulful Insight
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By setbest
Written May 10, 2010
I thought the movie was good. The only thing missing was the narration. It would have been nice to hear the directors take on what was going on. You were left to your own interpertation of what the whole exp. was about. I loved the movie,, but I'm sure for some it was lost. Great visual, LOVED THE AFRICA BABY BEST!!! makes you think, do we really need all this? lol
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By Tessie Louise
Written May 26, 2010
It's nice to see how alike we all are no matter where we live. And babies, who doesn't like babies?
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