By suejocz
Written May 15, 2010
Definitely a conversation piece. Interesting, but not riveting....
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Five Word Review

By 2q2btru
Written May 11, 2010
Didn't Stop Smiling Throughout Movie
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Babies for Moms

By psalgado
Written May 10, 2010
I took the Wife and girls to see this movie for Mother's Day. While it was basically an Awe movie, it showed how different Children are raised in the World yet commonalities exist. The term Mamma is the same everywhere in the world. Which brings me to this question, why all the wars, we are all the same.
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By MAPollard
Written May 10, 2010
Truly entertaining! See it with your kids that are now grown and find yourself remembering when.......
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Babies Trailer Says It All

By suzgalen
Written May 23, 2010
Babies reminds me of a National Geographic documentary without any voiceover. If you saw the trailer, then you know exactly what this movie is about. It follows the first year or so of 4 babies in different parts of the world. While I truly enjoyed watching each of these little ones grow up in their different environments, the film did not transition well. The filmmaker made such an effort to make it a pure documentary that it just didn't flow. I would still recommend this film because it shows how strong human beings are to grow and thrive in any kind of environment as long as there is emotional and physical nourishment.
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