Babies around the world..

By ahuda
Written May 31, 2010
Absolutely fantastic, wonderful, spectacular movie!
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By az2138
Written May 17, 2010
Excellent movie!! Amusing and light while thought provoking and eye-opening. I also liked the way the lack of narration contributed to the underlying theme of universal infant development. Health professionals dealing with a pediatric population would definitely gain from watching Babies.
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Five Word Review

Written May 21, 2010
Beautiful simple joyful mindful endearing
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Outstanding documentary; I just kept smiling

By ellingen
Written May 17, 2010
On the other hand, the six-year-old boy that I took with me got bored when he ran out of popcorn. Action films are more engaging for him, although he also likes Wizard of Oz and Cinderella. But a documentary with no narration? Not his cup of tea.
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Babies for Moms

By psalgado
Written May 10, 2010
I took the Wife and girls to see this movie for Mother's Day. While it was basically an Awe movie, it showed how different Children are raised in the World yet commonalities exist. The term Mamma is the same everywhere in the world. Which brings me to this question, why all the wars, we are all the same.
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