By purpfan
Written May 14, 2010
was just what I expected, very cute, not too long,
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Americans take note!

By NurseB88
Written May 08, 2010
Precious movie but dont expect to be entertained. Expect to learn- that we as Americans have a very important lesson to learn about raising our kids in a society of excess and material things. This movie should really open our eyes at all the things we are doing WRONG! The producer was on 20/20 and said he realized after filming that the baby in Namibia was the most content- yes- the baby with no toys, no stupid movies, no daycare, no processed food, etc. All parents should see this movie!
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By martingg
Written May 08, 2010
If you love babies, and whoever doesn't needs to talk to someone for help...then see this sweet movie...... there are messages woven in....and you're going to be smiling from the start to the finish.
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By sue222
Written May 23, 2010
from the typical movie one would see at movie's. It's a nice to movie to see with your kids. It will bring back memories for parents with older kids. It does a beautiful job capturing the raw essence babies....the beauty of watching them discover.. Note to parents: Just because the movie is about babies doesn't mean moviegoers who want to watch a documentary on babies, wants to sit in a movie theater with babies talking through the entire showing. Yeah, yeah, there are little words spoken, but that's the point, the silence.
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Ultimate chick flick, painful after 15 minutes

By spincut
Written May 10, 2010
I think if you take your Mom-minded date to this movie, you will very likely get lucky. Whether it's worth the hour and 30 minutes of agony is a question you'll have to ask yourself. I have raised two beautiful, successful children, so I'm all about babies, but this movie had only one high point, That was when this little girl, being raised by two horrible San Francisco parents who were a caricature of modern, liberal, gender-neutral enviromorons, had their kid at some environmental indoctrination camp where the songs were about mother earth taking care of us. Sensing that the Jim Jones-flavored cool aid was being brewed in the kitchen, she high-tailed it to the door and tried to get out. Even though I was seeing in in very liberal Austin, the whole place erupted in derisive laughter.
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