Heartland Truly Moving Picture Award Winner! Review from a Jury Member

By Heartland TMP
Written April 28, 2010
Babies is an inspired documentary, eschewing story and narrative in favor of an unbridled celebration of life. As the film documents four babies from four corners of the world growing and learning it becomes clear that infancy, with its joys and sorrows, is universal, while motherhood varies wildly by culture. Gorgeous cinematography and an engaging soundtrack enhance the film's appeal, keeping it contemporary while portraying some of the most ancient and primal human emotions. Babies is a film to seek out, both for its bold filmmaking technique and its timeless themes. -Tim, a Heartland Truly Moving Picture Award Jury Member
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was it worth strangling a cat?

By bambi
Written May 13, 2010
i left in the first 25 minutes -- just after the toddler strangled the family cat with a string and realized the director / crew thought it was more important to film that than intervene.
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Precious movie with poignant moments

By fandiane
Written May 11, 2010
Saw this on Mother's Day with my husband and two children, boy 12 and girl 9. We've never left a movie with so much to talk about: favorite scenes, funny moments, similarities and differences between cultures, clever juxtapositions in editing. Was a pleasure to watch. 75 minutes is just the right length - wouldn't want too much of a good thing, especially when there's no narration. Had wondered about the PG rating, and not G, and found out right away, as the first 10 minutes focus on pregnancy, birthing and breastfeeding, with close-ups of it all. Was pleased when my kids weren't uncomfortable with that.
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I like the dancing and the car chase scenes but

By Honest Feedback
Written May 16, 2010
I wasnt fond of the gratuitous sexual violence in this movie, nor the refernces to witch-craft. other than that, it was great
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By Optimism
Written May 14, 2010
Special. Fascinating. Rare. Pretty wonderful. We were glad we went.
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