Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written August 27, 2009
Beautifully shot, intense, thrilling ride
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“BABEL” -- A World of Misunderstandings cause much PAIN on the Planet Rating: 9 of 10 stars (based on viewing an HD-DVD copy of the film) =

By jimchudnow
Written September 15, 2009
A married couple from San Diego, Richard & Susan Jones (BRAD PITT & CATE BLANCHETT) are on a vacation in a bus touring a desert countryside area of Morocco. They’ve left their two young kids with their lifelong Mexican nanny Amelia (ADRIANA BARRAZA). In the desert, a goat-owner buys a rifle for safety from a local guide (who got it as a gift from a Japanese hunter). He lets his two sons carry the rifle to keep jackals away from his herd. But, the sons are very competitive, &, in practice shooting, 1 thoughtlessly injures CATE as she rides in the bus. Naturally, things keep “spiraling” ever more out of control with the various groups: a Japanese girl keeps having more and more emotional problems; Adriana takes Brad's kids to Mexico; & the Moroccan boys (considered "terrorists") try to hide what they’d done. . It’s an impressively-done story of how seemingly-“small” incidents can lead to MAJOR consequences in a “domino” effect, with an interweaving of stories of at least 4 main groups.
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Babel review

By jodyandcobee
Written March 20, 2012
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A little over-hyped.

By cjtolmie
Written January 12, 2008
But still a decent movie to rent. The concept is very good and well acted.
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Babel:beautiful,and puzzling.

By Moviedude
Written June 27, 2007
Babel is one movie I feel will be remembered 100 years from now,because of it's subject matter,and it's uncanny perfect connection to human life,and how human communication is very complicated.This movie is probably the one of the most original pieces of work I've ever seen.The movie does move slow,I'm sure you've heard most people ***** about this,but I'm glad it does,because I relate the movie to the fabric of human communication,and how humans came to have language.Think about it,cavemen didn't learn language in 2 minutes,and if you don't speak someone's language,you don't communicate in 2 seconds,it takes time.This is why I think this movie is so beautiful.It masterfully shows how complicated communication is,courtesy of Alejandro,and is disturbing because difficulty communicating can cause problems.You completely get into these masterfully intertwined stories,and this movie has such power behind it.To cut it short,check it out and be amazed.
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