Babel Synopsis
Tragedy links strangers in four countries.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Beautifully shot, intense, thrilling ride...

“BABEL” -- A World of Misunderstandings cause much PAIN on the Planet Rating: 9 of 10 stars (based on viewing an HD-DVD copy of the film) =

By jimchudnow
A married couple from San Diego, Richard & Susan Jones (BRAD PITT & CATE BLANCHETT) are on a vacation in a bus touring a desert countryside area of Morocco. They’ve left their two young kids with...

Babel review

By jodyandcobee

A little over-hyped.

By cjtolmie
But still a decent movie to rent. The concept is very good and well acted....

Babel:beautiful,and puzzling.

By Moviedude
Babel is one movie I feel will be remembered 100 years from now,because of it's subject matter,and it's uncanny perfect connection to human life,and how human communication is very complicated.This...

Love this Director- All his movies are great.

By rd4748
excelent movie love this directors work....


This movie was so-so because it had a very slow beginning and was hard to follow but later on in the movie it did get better and the stories came together but it wasn't one of my favs. My husband...

Babel - Think the Worst of Mankind

By Northwest Movie Buff
With all the hype and Cate Blanchette, who is one of my favorites I was so looking forward to seeing this movie. What a downer. Superb acting. But what a sad examples of how we all can make the...

Worth the time

By renthead
The Cinematography is terrific. The acting is terrific. The story line is a bit weak, but this is one of those movies that does haunt you a bit at conclusion. I had this movie and The Departed...

Reviews for Babel

By miketalife
WoW! This movie got me holding on to the seat. You get so caught up in that movie, that It makes you feel like YOU ARE in the movie. You become that character. With suspense and some disturbing...

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Rated R | For violence, some graphic nudity, sexual content, language and some drug use