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Babe, I Love You

By figueb
It's a cute movie with laughs and tears. Entertaining movie and enjoyed it! My 77 years old mom and my 25 years old loved it....

Good movie!

By Rowena27
It was a fun movie. Anne Curtis & Sam Milby gave great performances. For those who understand Tagalog and like Filipino movies or culture, it is a must-see. I'd be happy to see it again, and I plan...

Babe, I Love You

By mariloutagaca
I love it !...

Filipino Movies

By eme927
Its good that Filipino movies are now being shown here in the US. Now, we share our culture with everybody and those Filipino descend who were born here may feel the essence of being a Filipino. This...

Babe i love you

By rjrobert
This is not a must see movie, the acting and movie plot are very mediocre....

typical filipino movie

By corinnesantos
it's the typical filipino movie. rich man falls in love with poor girl, family don't agree and at the end, after how many years...they meet again and BAM! they live happily ever after. sam milby,...

Babe I love you

By Cocomeister
It is a feel-good movie. Nothing special really, Although, having Anne Curtis and sam Milby together in a movie made it exciting. The story of the movie was not different from what I have seen...

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