Usual drama with a big starcast

By Movie_sunshine
Written December 18, 2006
The movie boasted a huge powerful starcast and had set terrible hypes because of it and due to the previous 'Baghban' from the Director. But then , it turned out to be pretty disappointing. Neither was the story new nor the way it was presented. The first half was the usual boy meets girl and boy with a doting family and the second half was highly melodramatic.The plot was outdated and sometimes lloked as if it was shot in the 80's. The only saving grace of the movie was Bachan's and Rani's performance.They had done a neat job and the rest were their usual self.But i have to mention that even though am John abraham's fan, he was a total misfit. The music was mediocre. Worth mentioning was "Bebasi Dard" and title "Babul" song. On the whole, watch only if you are a die hard fan of Bachan or u want to have an overdose of sentiments and emotions!!
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A chewing gum that has lost its flavor.

By bollyfan
Written December 19, 2006
Overall, it provoked the right emotions of rage and sympathy, but after what seemed to be a long drawn out beginning. Baabul seemed to drag for first half and then rushed the end where it should have developed the story a bit more. I don't care to see Salmaan's many shirtless shots and his lack of acting. There are a few lines that are repeated to drive the point home by John Abraham which by far are better delivered than by Salmaan earlier in the movie. Rani and Amitabh are amazing as always and I can confidently say that it is this duo that made the movie work. John Abraham seemed a little too robotic in some scenes, but his cute factor gets him through. At times it screamed of a Bhaagban look alike: the opening song when Salmaan comes home, the chemistry or lack of between Hema and Amitabh all seemed to want to capture the magic of Bhaagban but fell very short.
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dont go

By jdbrahmbhatt
Written December 12, 2006
same concept... Missing Acting.. No continuity... Horrible
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okay movie

By kpatel
Written December 15, 2006
its an okay movie, not bad either
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watch it atleast once

By starwarp2k2
Written January 02, 2007
very reminiscent of virrudh, with hints of K3G and Baghban. watch it at least once.
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