A powerful, evocative film

By joehark
Written August 05, 2009
This isn ot only a film done well, it is also an important contribution to the cinematic literature of that time. The cocept at the heart of the film is that victorious Russian soldiers, mostly poor and unschooled rabble, burn with anger at the atrocities that German soldiers had commited against innocent Russian women and children during brief time they had the upper hand. If rape is a crime of hate and exercise of power, it is also, as seen here, an act of revenge. How innocent were the German "innocent victims?" This film offers ample evidence that the survivors knew enough of what had been done in their name and in the name of Lebensraum (living space, farms, industries and home, stolen in other lands for German prosperity). No one in the film is innocent. No one pretends to be innocent. All are guilty victims. If you care about what happened then. If you care about peace now, you must see this film.
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The War on Women and Children: A Woman In Berlin

By joegiustra
Written July 22, 2009
An excellent action drama, beautifully photographed, directed, acted. While it tragically shows you both sides of the Russian and German invasions, the real image here is that war has been, is and will always be waged by men against women and children, the true victims of war, innocent and unarmed to fight back. That the film has a limited engagement suggests that the American movie audience doesn't care to view unpleasant truths, only pleasantly violent fantasy for children and the mentally impaired. A pity that we must patiently hunt for art in film. You can find it in A Woman In Berlin, as close to a documentary as pure drama can get.
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A Woman in Berlin

By Glencorse
Written July 27, 2009
Beautifully photographed with outstanding art direction. The performances were excellent but the film is about 20 minutes too long. Having said that , the Russian occupation of Berlin must have seemed like an eternity. Very interesting to see this film from the Germans' viewpoint. Definitely worth a visit.
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A Woman in Berlin

By werthie
Written September 06, 2009
Good, but not great . . . An inherently depressing history lesson about the widespread rape of German women by victorious Russian troops at the end of WWII, I would have hoped for a more emotionally involving experience. Unfortunately, the movie keeps the viewer at a distance.
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Movie-making excellence

By pppasolini
Written August 30, 2009
There are fewer and fewer movies produced and released these days that don't primarily or significantly depend on special effects or plot gimmicks. Here is one that tells a story with great acting, staging and period backgrounds. These are the types of movies where you come out still thinking. Most American movies these days are designed to do the opposite: keep you from thinking. Perhaps no wonder.
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