A great psychological, even spiritual study

By mrmac296
Written March 11, 2013
The horror in this film is fear, not necessarily of spirits, but most certainly of death and how to deal with it, understand its meaning, or simply how to accept it in relation to life. The acting is tremendous, the cinematography outstanding. How can we integrate moments of joy with sometimes overpowering loss? This is the greatness of this story, that it blurs the boundaries between life and death, and presents the innocence necessary to accept life as it is. It is ultimately about hope. It needs to be viewed twice, at least. We tend to want all the threads woven into a complete garment, yet this film has enough courage to provide a mirror in which we see ourselves reflected as the weaver who knows that there are always loose ends needing to be rewoven, tucked in and tied up. At least watch the ending twice, don't analyze but do feel, just be attentive to the dialog, let it sink in.
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Interesting and Suspenseful

By tombyrom
Written August 20, 2012
Rebecca Hall is a fine actress, and she is great in this movie. It's dark and suspenseful, but with a lot of class as one would expect from the BBC. Definitely not boring. The ending is a bit muddled, and hard to figure out what's going on exactly, although the broad outlines are clear enough.
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Such Potential to be Great

By jesus102b
Written August 29, 2012
The Awakening was set up to be a great horror and suspenseful film, but it came up short when it humanized the ghosts within the film. The ghost started out as horrifying and frightful, then it was made to something that we should feel sympathy for. How is feeling sympathy for a ghost ever a good idea, unless its Casper. I came into this movie expecting a good scare or even being creeped out but I was given the short end of the stick on that one. The first thirty minutes or so of the film are very slow and drag out, there is nothing scary nor suspenseful about it. All it is is the following of this woman who lost of loved one and tries to prove that ghosts do not exist, that is about it for the first 30 minutes. There are many things that seem to be highlighted by the director but then are completely forgotten about when we reach the conclusion. Why was there such a focus on Florence's (Rebecca Hall) dead boyfriend lover when it affects the story very little?
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By Sandy918
Written July 29, 2015
This movie reminded me of the Orphanage. I did like some of the scary moments, but overall, a movie I could have waited to see on DVD.
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By dslasor
Written August 19, 2012
I enjoyed the storyline and the movie was suspensful. Several times i was on the edge of my seat and was surprised by the next turn. It was a refreshing twist to the storyline.
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