By CtMovie_Buff
Written November 26, 2007

The way they market the movie worries me cause it seems like many people do not understand what its about and may never see it, but the reviews will so here's mine: I seen this movie last year in November at a me...the movie is soo interesting and entertaining and the ending will blow your ******* mind. Its hot and i'm seriously telling you go see it you will love it!! Great premise story line, and above par acting.

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By filmk25
Written December 02, 2007
this movie isn't as scary as they are saying--it's damn exciting though! and surprising. and this sounds weird, but kinda moving!
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a cheesy thriller.

By rosettamarie
Written March 10, 2008
So I thought this movie held a lot of promise with its storyline, but it ended up being redundant, poorly written, and rather cheesy. The film initially progresses very slowly with an unecessary abundance of lusty scenes. There's a pretty good twist about halfway through, but it doesn't make up for the cheap way in which Clay's thoughts are conveyed to us during his "anesthesia awareness". Also, there's too much grappling with life and death involved that the film gets to be repetitive and lacking in any value. It ends decently though, with a nice tie-in regarding the awareness of the preciousness of one's own life. Overall, however, I wasn't impressed.
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By cboramyi
Written December 30, 2007
i went to this movie because it was creating so much controversy within the world of anesthesiology and medicine, but it turns out this movie was so much more! it was full of so many unexpected twists, and i was clutching my husband's arm the entire movie! DEFINTELY SEE THIS MOVIE! IT WAS GREAT!
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By nicoleexbaby
Written March 18, 2008
i absoloutly love this movie.
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