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Really good movie.

By marii0515
Written November 14, 2011
I loved this film and I am the type of person that hates bad words or can't stand anything to do with drugs or anything but I guess the moral of the story is what I loved the most. I am happy that my boyfriend made me watch it. I hope you guys enjoy it as well. This movie is definitely NOT for kids.
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crude pointless disgusting humor, baby on drugs?

By nng
Written November 26, 2011
ok, the first few were much better...this one was just strange in my opinion-- yes you will laugh and there was a lot of humor, but it was really crude tasteless humor (though intelligently thought out) but nonetheless just too disgusting. The plot was 'interesting' creative but just kind of out there, the setting not that great, and the storyline just weird and stupid, and not a good kind of funny. Too much sex, drugs etc....the worst part was the 'high baby' part which was funny but also just not right. Why keep making scenes where a little girl is inhaling drugs...too outrageous..overall it was an "ok" movie, but I wouldn't recommend it or check it out again and do think the first few movies they made were much better, and funnier. Save this one for redbox or just don't expect too much from it..
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Hoping for Evolution in Action

By sirbosk1
Written November 17, 2011
I hated this movie. The character of Kumar is horrible. I kept hoping that the Russians would kill him and somehow kill his pregnant girl friend or at least cause a miscarrage. He should not be allowed to reproduce. He's totally irresponsible and careless of the damage he does. He's not just careless or just has bad things happen, he thinks everyone is just overreacting after thousands of dollars and lives were put at risk due to his inddiverance to everyone and everything around him. Fortunately it's R rated and children can't see this main character seemingly rewarded for his indifference. Unfortunately there will be a DVD and children will see thi s garbage. Parents, don't buy or rent the DVD. This should be removed from theaters and the negatives burned.
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Could be the best of the three!

By tucnguyen
Written December 04, 2011
The first is a classic, of course. Second one sucked. This one had so many good things about it. However, you must see it in 3D as they put in so many things for the effect. We saw it in 2D and I felt like I missed out on some cool stuff.
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Weak plot, disappointed as a Harold Kumar series fan

By MrNobody
Written November 14, 2011
We were holding our hopes really high for this movie after years of no new Harold and Kumar after the 2nd movie. However, this one really disappointed us since the plot was so weak that you feel the jokes weren't natural. It felt more like they just built a whatever plot for the jokes, which were scattered around in pieces. More inappropriate jokes? Check More drug (from weed only to coke+weed)? check More sexual stuff? check More gruesome stuff? check (don't know why they add all those blood spill, internal organs flying around etc for a freaking comedy. The graphic stuff isn't funny) Anyway, I feel kinda sad for this movie. I sincerely loved the first two, and as a matter of fact, I just refreshed myself up with the DVDs just to get prepared for this one. But this one really was more than a magnitude worse than the previous two.
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