Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Review

By movie_lover313
Written November 13, 2011
A lot of critics gave it a so-so review because they were looking for that serious and family-kind of morals. This movie does have that moral of the story and it tells it a different way, than the cliche type of movie. This movie is really funny, especially with 3D, it cannot get any better. However, I advise that no children get to see these film, the reason is that it has sexual contents. Although it doesn't have that much of it, and that's what makes it a youth type of a film. That is why, if you're looking for a serious and mature type of film, this isn't for you because you're going to try to look for it and you'll spend your whole time, rather than enjoying the movie, which was meant to be enjoyed. I recommend this movie because it has all these features that makes you feel loved like any Christmas movie, and it's entertainment. Don't we need that these days? I hope this review helped you to reason to go to watch it. It has 3D, comedy, and a story. I give it a 8/10.
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Very funny

By hobb123
Written November 06, 2011
This a moive is only for the people saw last two movies if you go see this without watching other two your not going to get it but otherwise it funny moive
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It is exactly what it is supposed to be.

By Steelers7510
Written November 05, 2011
Well, I saw Harold & Kumar tonight despite some early negative reviews from the critics. There is only way thing I can say to that... Give me a break! Harold & Kumar is exactly what it was intended to be! It is a movie that you can sit down and watch while having a good time, and not have to pay close attention to the entire thing to understand it. It is fun movie that can be enjoyed for what it is. I believe that this film was very well done and is hilarious! I give it an 8/10 so take that for what its worth and give it a shot I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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Best of the Trilogy

By askywalker982
Written November 12, 2011
While the first movie was full of interesting characters, novelty and crazy jokes around every corner, the third brings back the humor of the first without taking it over the top like the second one did. This one may be the best of the group.
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A great holiday film

By SynGamer
Written November 06, 2011
This wasn't perhaps the funniest of the series, but the comedy was funny, over-the-top as expected, and really, the story was quite possibly the best paced of the series. It never really lagged and it was great to see Harold and Kumar united and moving forward with their lives. Don't get me wrong, the movie was funny and definitely worth the price of admission. Looking forward to the Blu-ray, I have a feeling this will be on regular rotation throughout the year...just like A Christmas Story.
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