H & K

By DrSuperbad
Written November 05, 2011
Not as good as the originals but better than nothing. Watch the first two and you'll figure out that they didnt stick to the original recipe. The movie put too much emphasis on the effects vs. the story line
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By martierox
Written November 06, 2011
I truly enjoyed the last two movies. They were hilarious and had a plot. This movie was ridiculously put together. The funniest part of the movie was the little girl and that In itself was awful. The 3D technology was pretty good. I would not recommend this to anyone.
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A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

By austinTX_movie_fan
Written November 09, 2011
This was quite possibly the funniest Christmas movie I have seen in my life. It follows the same general vein as the previous Harold & Kumar movies but if anything travels further into the absurd and sordid. This is most definitely a movie geared for the young adult audience and by no means should be seen by a child. The ideal market is the 20 year old college kid that likes to sit on his couch and watch movies while partaking in adult or illegal entertainment.
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Very funny

By thespian4
Written November 06, 2011
I thought this movie was fun, a lot of classic humor ,and some new. I thought it was worth the price to see it. I liked the claymation part as well.
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Funny Movie

By Jdogg433
Written November 05, 2011
First, let me just say that I'm a huge fan of the Harold and Kumar series of movies. With that said, I enjoyed this third installment. It was very lighthearted and funny. Definitely adult oriented for being a Christmas themed movie. Neil Patrick Harris was great as usual. The 3-D effects were surprisingly very well done and in my opinion better than some high budget special effects movies. If you are a fan of this franchise you need to check this one out as it is definitely on par with the previous 2 movies.
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