Avenue Montaigne

By Cinema Art
Written March 27, 2007
This is a charming movie--in every sense of the word. I went once with a friend (same opinion) and once with my 92 year old Dad, who studied French a long time ago, and thorougly enjoyed the movie--he is very discriminating. The movie also includes the arts, as well as a lovely view of Paris, as its venue--a concert pianist, an art collector and his son, an actress, and a young French girl who gets to meet them all because of her charm. This is a must go if you want an entertaining, extremely well acted, meaning driven comedy.
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Sleepy In DC

By santafedreamer
Written May 26, 2007
Knowing that I am missing a critical movie gene, once again, I find myself at odds with the critics and reviewers who found this piece charming, delightful, etc. Indeed, my companions left feeling they wanted to go immediately to Paris! I wanted to go immediately to bed. And, had I been watching this on DVD or even alone, I would have left after about10 minutes. i Described as a comedy,drama, ensemble film, showbiz comedy, it should have been a tip off that the film never decided what it was. Perhaps fantasy,Nothing in the film rang any other note. We do have too many reality shows, but this fantasy was too confusing for words. The young woman, Jessica, gave a charming performance and I would hope to see her in something else. You could live well and happily without ever seeing this, certainly wait until it is out on DVD when watching it already for bed might help.
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AVenue Mongagne

By thisispenny
Written April 24, 2007
Not to be missed- a deltightful movie from beginning to end without gratious violence and sex! every character in the movie is revealed in a lighthearted fashion but with depth and poignancy
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great french comedy

By jaimelesfilms
Written February 20, 2007
what a wonderful time we had watching this fun light comedy. the characters are very well developed. Enjoy it
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Avenue Montaigne

By Ekcsmas
Written April 25, 2007
What an outstanding movie. Wonderful character development, lighthearted and deep, lines to remember and ever savor. Great views of Paris.. This is a classic and certainly the best movie of several years. You even fall for the sappy parts.
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