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Pure awesomness

By rojasdiandra
Written October 18, 2015
Great movie!! Can watch it multiple times
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bad ass

By jsublaskyjr01
Written October 18, 2015
better than the first
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Didn't like it as much as I thought I would

By catprice
Written October 18, 2015
There were definitely moments that I did enjoy. The opening scene where each character shows off their strength in the middle of a battle was fun. I loved the little funny moments between each character too. However, it felt like there was too much going on with the plot. We were trying to defeat Ultron, but then this new guy Vision shows up, and Tony wants to disregard everyone, but Natasha has a thing for Bruce, then Thor wants to have a vision in some water... It all felt like too much. My biggest problem was the new character Vision. I really felt like the Avengers were playing god there. He says "I am, I am" and it actually offended me. I'm confident that Jesus is the only one allowed to use that line. Plus, he picks up Thor's hammer, and acts like he is better and mightier than humans. It really sat with me wrong. The conclusion felt really rushed. It irritated me that Captain America doesn't get to say "Avengers Assemble". As a fan, I felt like I couldn't even get that!
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avengers super corny

By jrodriguez08
Written October 18, 2015
when will i see "superheroes" fight super "villains" this was super seemed just like part 1... pointless fight scenes,corny jokes during fight scenes, please give me a villain like general Zod
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Summer Movies have started

By mwcorrell
Written July 25, 2016
While not a perfect movie, the plot gets messy. This is a summer blockbuster and defiantly a fun movie to watch.
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