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AVengers: Age of Ultron ZZZZzzzzz

By Jbatts608
Written October 18, 2015
I took my daughter to see the latest installment of the Avengers and it's the same story with the same cast of characters albeit a different twist. Hollywood needs to smell the coffee and stop making the same movie over and over and over etc... I've lost track of the number of Fast and Furious. How many now, 8 or ?. How many different Spiderman ad Superman's have their been ? Let's not forget Batman 12 and 14 episodes of Star Trek. But as long as American movie goers are willing to fork over the bucks to see the same old story told again and again, Hollywood will continue to feed us crap. Movie attendance continues to decline and I just can't figure out why .
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By songbirdhutton992
Written October 18, 2015
Loved every second!!! Definitely worth going to the theater for. Don't leave immediately when they start listing the cast.
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Mind Blown!

By jolieliviboots
Written October 18, 2015
What an AMAZING movie! Amazing isn't even the word! Congrats to anyone and everyone involved on the film. Fantastic work, and I can't wait for the next one! ??????
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Age of Ultron

By qudusmoney
Written October 18, 2015
This movie blew my mind away. Hands down movie of the year! Much, much better than the first Avengers movie. Watched the movie twice because that's how good it is. Full of humor in all characters in the movie. Might have to watch it again...
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Avengers Re

By calec1234
Written October 18, 2015
Pro: great character chemistry. Excellent villian. It was a blast to go see. Cons: the plot could have been a little bit more coherent; there were elements that were unnecessary and made the movie feel a little bit overstuffed. Verdict: this movie is like the family thanksgiving dinner. Even though you are served way too much food, it is a great time of reuniting with people you love. This movie is slated to be one of the best of the year.
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