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Age of Ultron

By tamweeh13
Written May 04, 2015
This movie is by all means superior than the first Avengers. The characters are well developed and the story stands on its own, with some tie-ins from the past and future. I liked Ultron more than I expect and I thought the overall feel of the movie was great!
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An Exceptional Marvel Film

By AceofSwrds
Written May 06, 2015
Once again, Marvel gets a summer blockbuster right. Avengers: Age of Ultron was enjoyable from start to finish, mainly because of the story. The team transforms throughout the movie in ways that are logical and believable, which helps make the team members seem human as well as superhuman. The film also focuses more on Hawkeye's personal life more, which is a stark (if you'll pardon the pun) contrast to the way he was handled in the first Avengers movie. Plus, we get to see more of the Hawkeye from the comics, with the development of his wise-cracking ways. The only complaint (which is a minor one) is the lack of involvement of Falcon. He showed up only a couple of times, and not at all in the main battle scene against Ultron. Overall, I highly recommend Avengers: Age of Ultron for comic book fans and non-comic book fans alike This is one of the most "human" superhero movies I've ever seen.
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avengers super corny

By jrodriguez08
Written May 12, 2015
when will i see "superheroes" fight super "villains" this was super seemed just like part 1... pointless fight scenes,corny jokes during fight scenes, please give me a villain like general Zod
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By mcgyver112
Written May 12, 2015
too much bash & crash. It wasn't worth my $10.00. I wasn't too fond of all the contention amongst the avengers, just a bit much. So the movie led into the next sequel, since when did the Hulk learn how to drive a jet? really. I feel like a saw transfromers again.
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Alas, they tried to hard...but some redeeming qualities

By e.keithdavis
Written May 12, 2015
The movie starts with this fast motion, hard to follow, sequence depicting the attack on a Hydra base, that left me screwing up my face thinking, "o brother." It took a while for the plot to congeal, but it finally did. The Avengers, though like "gods," are flawed, fearful, fickle, and often out of control. Not like God actually, just creatures with incredible power. We watch this on display as they have their weaknesses turned on them. The virtue that seems to be highlighted as the prima facto is the necessity of teamwork, all for one, and one for all. What ever you do, whether good or bad, just do it together. Hmmm... Well, ok, in a world where allegiances are hard to come by, it is certainly honorable to have one-another's backs, but that isn't going to be the game changer. What drives the noble virtue of loyalty is something deeper...the rightness of the thing... Ultron lays the cornerstone: it is about life, sanctity, this is the dividing line.
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