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I am just commenting about something I noticed in the preview...

By larryc213
Written October 18, 2015
Hello everyone, am not reviewing the movie, yet, I am simply commenting about something that I noticed in one of the previews. It has to do with the Black Widow character. In the first Avengers movie, Black Widow was armed with two sub-compact Glock pistols. She wore one on each side in what I think is called a thigh holster. In this preview, she is carrying two batons. I wonder if that is because the folks at Disney decided that one of their heroes, carrying a handgun (or two) was just not acceptable? As in, not so politically correct. If that is the reason, that's a real shame. Any gun is just a tool, a tool that has been used by heroes and villains alike.
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By sparklechild343
Written July 13, 2015
I love the MCU but this was pretty disappointing and I really didn't want it to be. The characterization of Natasha, Bruce, and Clint were all a little off and made me feel kind of uncomfortable throughout. But overall, it was a mess. There was just too much going on, and as a fan who usually wants as much as they can get, I was still overwhelmed. There were several cool moments, but too many things felt wrong for me. This is probably due to Joss Whedon's love of ignoring other movies of the MCU as much as he can and imposing his own random ideas that even contradict himself sometimes! I believe if almost anyone except Joss Whedon had directed it, it would have been a lot better. And all the funny one-liners were nice, except by the end, again, it was just too much. Especially compared to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was kind of disappointing.
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Its okay

By cowboybeboplove
Written September 20, 2015
Overall it just seemed like there was too much action that became boring after a while.
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Loved It!

By KnishNJ
Written October 18, 2015
Watched it last week, while on my international travel. Loved it. Will watch it again on May 1st.
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I haven't seen it yet

By btaylormos
Written October 18, 2015
Donut worry
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