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AVATAR. Grade: A-average (Based on advance VIP preview - Fri. Aug. 21 and Thurs. Dec. 17)

Written December 18, 2009
AVATAR was directed by James Cameron, and stars Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, etc. With a production budget of over $237 million(plus $150 million in marketing/promotion), the production quality is FIRST-RATE! I was in awe with the spectacularly computer-generated world(moon) of Pandora. The realistic-looking world-scapes had me transfixed plus combining that with the EXCELLENT cinematography by Mauro Fiore and 3D with tremendous depth, Pandora truly came ALIVE! I was mesmerized by the bio-luminescent night-time flora and fauna - a veritable fairy-land of soft glow and breath-taking lights. I must have hurt my jaw as it dropped and hit the floor. The banshee flights = exhilarating! However, the average plot begged for improvement. That, and the fact that the characters are basically one-dimensional - these were the only drawbacks. VERDICT: James Cameron delivered a spectacular gorgeous action-packed spectacle.
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What I Saw At The Revolution

By dpersons
Written December 19, 2009
Avatar is simply the most revolutionary, creative, stunning film I have ever seen. Cameron has once again created something that has never been done before, but unlike many of his other efforts, this film has the story to go with the effects. And the effects in Avatar are the most revolutionary since The Jazz Singer introduced sound and Star Wars introduced special effects in the way those two films did. This is what ALL movies will look like in a few years. What Cameron has done is nothing less than recreate the medium in a single film. It is that good. The effects are seamless, the 3-D (finally) is not gimmicky but rather stunningly done, and the story is a good one as well. 3-D in the past has reeked of "see what we can do with 3-D!" This film is smooth.If you want to say that you were there when the revolutionary new period in films began, go see Avatar. It is absolutely, indescribably stunning and the best of Cameron's career - or anyone else's. It is an instant masterpiece. GO!
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Five Word Review

By chimac
Written December 18, 2009
Beautiful New World, amazing effects
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Avatar was amazing!!!

By erickmiller
Written December 21, 2009
Amazing. Seriously incredible... blew my mind. I was a child again, on another planet, lost in the suspension of disbelief. CG was impeccable. Story was epic. I knew from the onset that I'd regret turning down going to NZ (I was stuck in LA) to work on it 3yrs ago, but this film was even better than I ever anticipated. Great, fantastic, astounding work to all my friends, and everyone involved!!!!
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Military STAY AWAY or Be Prepared to get VERY ANGRY!!

By kidzig
Written December 25, 2009
This was without a doubt the worst movie my wife and I have seen in years (but then again we didn't see "W"). I guess the Far Left has had so many holes poked in their "Global Warming" campaign thanks to the realization of lies in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" that they now have to turn to actual fiction (not fiction in the form of a documentary/film) to promote their cause. But thie global warming and schtick wasn't the worst thing in the movie. And neither was the anti-corporate slant, although this was ridiculous too. What was actually sickening about this movie was the extreme bias against the military. Anybody who has ever been proud to serve (or proud of a family member who served) in the military -- no matter what service -- should take extreme offense to this movie. The black and white portrayal of Marines as cold-blooded killers was absolutely despicable (especially during the holiday season when military families have to deal with their loved ones being away).
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