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Avatar: Special Edition: An IMAX 3D Experience Synopsis
A former Marine (Sam Worthington) falls in love with a native (Zoe Saldana) of a lush alien world.

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If you missed it in IMAX-3D the first time - well this is your second chance!

By Ajlina
If you live near a real IMAX then treat yourself to a feast for the eyes in IMAX-3D the true format of this film. If you have to drive a couple of hours to your IMAX-3D theater then concider it a...

Worth it!

By danos001
The xtra minutes of the film added a lot to the story and filled in areas that were quickly skipped over before. We liked the special edition a lot. If you are an Avatar fan you need to see this....

Five Word Review

By EzraHugeReview
9-Minutes Adds Emotion and Amazement....


By edisonmindy
Absolutely fantastic movie. 3D was so r eal it was scarey!! Loved the story. Very timely considering all that mankind is doing to each other in this world. Makes you stop and think....

If you can afford it, go see it in IMAX 3D

By drummindreams
It was, as always, amazing, didn't really notice the extended and new footage, but still a good time :)...

Avatar - Fantastic!!

By dnewman47
The 3D Imax version was wonderful. I had seen the movie on DVD at home as was sad that I had missed the theater version. So I was thrilled to see it come back. Worth every cent!!...

The most awesome sensory movie experience of my life!

By ezio
First and foremost I have never experienced the kind of emersion into a world and the visual eye candy that this film delivers! If you have not seen Avatar in 3D IMAX, you have simply not seen it! I...

worth seeing more than once

By suzypvn
The added footage and the enhanced size really helps understand the characters and the point of this impressive work. it's easy to dismiss it as just another adolescent spectacular. old plot. worn...


By quilter123
Awesome movie, great graphics, a must see!...


By melgeann
I watched Avatar on DVD on a big screen TV and it was great. After seeing it in 3D at the I-max It was totally awesome. The best movie theater experience I have ever had!!!!! I would probably...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sensuality, Language, Intense Epic Battle Sequences, Some Smoking and Warfare
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Common Sense Media says Action-heavy epic has dazzling effects, familiar story.
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