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By KINGS2013
Written September 17, 2010
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Must See More Than Once

Written August 25, 2010
Basic story prince saves princess in magical world. I have seen this move over thirty times. Did not even realize the Na’vi people have no small finger or toe. Lots of small detail like when they went to ride the iKran one had bring the Deerhorses back. Only flaw I can find is Trudy’s Gun Ship left the pod during their escape with rockets but did not have them during the actual final battle scenes where she could have taken the colonel out. Hope the extra minutes show about Neytiri sister at Grace’s school. Mr. Cameron even throws earth history in our face and how we are destroying our beautiful planet. Lots of good people but unfortunately just as many bad. Great movie to get your mind away from earthly things, go see often
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By FantomG
Written August 27, 2010
I just saw it yet again..extra footage is awsome...the hunting scene is amazing !! I will have to see yet again..
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Extra footage helped story

By mactech_626
Written August 28, 2010
The extra footage helped the story flow better than the first. I decided to take my wife who had not seen the first in 3D. I noticed that there were several scenes that it seemed the 3D was out of sync. Because of this it caused my wife to get a headache. Other than that it was better due to the added footage which to me should have been left in the first time.
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Should have won Oscar for best film instead of the Hurt Locker

By Boromir
Written August 29, 2010
This new release with new scenes from the original release is great. The image crispness and 3D effects seem better. Not sure what to make of new scene near end between Jake Sully and Tsu'tey (won't spoil it for you). Have seen Avatar four times now and plan to see it again while it is still in theaters, it really needs a big theater screen. One criticism I have of the movie is that whereas in the past a lot of environmental damage was done by imperialist countries, today the vast majority of damage is being done by the local inhabitants of tropical rainforests - not the United States at all. The United States is wrongly made out as the villain that destroys tribal cultures and wrecks the environment in mining operations in today's world. The mining company should have been multinational that had some local tribal support that went up against a segment of the tribal people who wanted to save their culture and natural world.
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