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AVATAR. Grade: A-average (Based on advance VIP preview - Fri. Aug. 21 and Thurs. Dec. 17)

Written December 18, 2009
AVATAR was directed by James Cameron, and stars Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, etc. With a production budget of over $237 million(plus $150 million in marketing/promotion), the production quality is FIRST-RATE! I was in awe with the spectacularly computer-generated world(moon) of Pandora. The realistic-looking world-scapes had me transfixed plus combining that with the EXCELLENT cinematography by Mauro Fiore and 3D with tremendous depth, Pandora truly came ALIVE! I was mesmerized by the bio-luminescent night-time flora and fauna - a veritable fairy-land of soft glow and breath-taking lights. I must have hurt my jaw as it dropped and hit the floor. The banshee flights = exhilarating! However, the average plot begged for improvement. That, and the fact that the characters are basically one-dimensional - these were the only drawbacks. VERDICT: James Cameron delivered a spectacular gorgeous action-packed spectacle.
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Avatar: What an Experience

By vtzac4567
Written January 24, 2010
This movie is the turning point for everything in the future of Hollywood. From the new and exciting technologies, to the enticing and origional world, This movie delievers in every way. -The Directing is absolutely amazing -The acting is exceptional, even though most of the shots were done while wearing bulky motion-capture. -The plot is a standard one, played many times before, but with new twists and turns. -Although the Sci-Fi runs rampent, it is an undertone, bering that you forget the distinctions that differ us from the Natives. Within 10 minutes, you connect and sympathize with them. This is one of, if not the best movie i have ever seen, I fully reccomend it to anyone willing to escape the hummdrum of everyday life, and get away to the captivating world of Pandora.
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Way Too Political for Entertainment

By BTRobertson
Written December 19, 2009
All I will say is that while the cinematics, acting, and special effects were top notch, the anti-military, anti-war, pro-Environmentalist agenda here is strikingly offensive. Mr. Cameron even felt the need to use the phrase "Shock and Awe", referring to President Bush's campaign back in 2001-2002...umm, can someone tell him to get over it already? Obama is in office and hasn't stopped the war, so can we have some fine entertainment without having a tree-hugging agenda shoved down our throats? I love the planet, I do my part, I clean up after my family's "carbon footprint" if said footprint does anything to the environment besides provide plant food. I would say don't waste your time seeing this if you are at all sick of the constant barrage of agendas coming out of Hollywood. I found it difficult to be entertained when my brothers and sisters who have all served in our Armed Forces were referred to in such a manner. It's appalling.
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By RockyMtnJChin
Written January 14, 2012
First movie to REALLY capture the 3D affect and reel you into the story with it. LOVED this movie and we purchased it. Please a new TV with 3D!
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We Were Transfixed!

By BalancedCritic
Written December 27, 2009
Whether it was the 3D IMAX presentation and the mesmerizing imagery, or the incredible interaction of man attempting to understand and indeed appreciate and learn from another culture, (something we could incorporate into everyday national and personal life), or the hugely successful animation which carried all the emotion of human screen presentation, this movie brought us somewhere we have never been before, and we literally did not blink for the entirety of the film. We were transfixed! Incredibly well done, and enormously worth seeing. Wonderful holiday wishes to all. Dr. Dave in Baltimore
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