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By Wesley2048
Written January 12, 2010
Exciting adventure in CG. I loved the jungle style culture and how nature and knowledge played out in a ballet of the two intertwined and merged in a spiritual syncopation. Great graphics and a nice love story. Unfortunately sex was labeled mating (animals mate) and the so called great kingdom of the Na-Vi was belittled by this reckless notion. This was an engaged woman by our standards. As a man I related more to the stronger character of the women , then to the weaker man who in my world overslept and then faints when he is needed most. Some segments of the film had opportunity for heroics which sadly never came. The ending was obvious. Avatar made sex O.K. and marriage suitable only after becoming one of them (The Na-Vi).
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AVATAR. Grade: A-average (Based on advance VIP preview - Fri. Aug. 21 and Thurs. Dec. 17)

Written December 18, 2009
AVATAR was directed by James Cameron, and stars Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, etc. With a production budget of over $237 million(plus $150 million in marketing/promotion), the production quality is FIRST-RATE! I was in awe with the spectacularly computer-generated world(moon) of Pandora. The realistic-looking world-scapes had me transfixed plus combining that with the EXCELLENT cinematography by Mauro Fiore and 3D with tremendous depth, Pandora truly came ALIVE! I was mesmerized by the bio-luminescent night-time flora and fauna - a veritable fairy-land of soft glow and breath-taking lights. I must have hurt my jaw as it dropped and hit the floor. The banshee flights = exhilarating! However, the average plot begged for improvement. That, and the fact that the characters are basically one-dimensional - these were the only drawbacks. VERDICT: James Cameron delivered a spectacular gorgeous action-packed spectacle.
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Avatar Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written March 24, 2012
91 out of 100 The Color Blue.
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Completely boring and predictable.

By Arzus
Written December 11, 2014
Ever seen Pocahontas? Then you've seen Avatar. James Cameron takes cliche to the extreme. He steals his whole movie from countless other movies such as Pocahontas, adds a few machines obviously inspired by various science-fiction like Halo, and probably (I have no doubt) even steals a couple lines from said movies. The plot is generic. There are only a few things that are different than Pocahontas. 1. It's on another planet, so obviously it's a science-fiction movie. 2. The native americans are now giant, smurf-cat people. 3. The white hero is in a wheelchair. Other than that, it's pretty much the same. Even then, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever. Jake Sully proudly plays the part of John Smith. Neytiri proudly plays the role of Pocahontas. Tsu'tey proudly plays the part of Kocoum. Eytukan proudly plays the part of Chief Powhatan. The Tree of Souls proudly plays the part of Grandmother Willow (except for the fact she doesn't talk). You get the point. It's pretty cliche.
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Best 3D Movie Ever/Average Story

By the13thletter
Written June 19, 2012
I have to say the technology in filming/creating this movie is amazing, from the CGI to the stereoscopic cameras to the amazing 3D. I really felt like I was inside a video game the entire time. Thanks for that experience James Cameron. The story is just very generic though. I mean we already learned about this in American History class. Yes, James Cameron we get it. We understand what your trying to tell us about native people and nature and all the stuff that we as humans have done to destroy this. I kind of felt I was watching Blood Diamond mixed with a little bit of Pocahontas and throw in a big scary corporation (USA, UK, etc.) that is hell bent on getting what it wants (gold, diamonds, oil, land) and bam you have Avatar. I really think that they could've done so much more with the story then what they came up with. You know when you hear about a movie for so long, you think you're going to walk into this Epic Film....but I came out of it thinking good movie, not great.
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