Australia's Lost Gold Synopsis
A man pieces together clues to search for gold that his father discovered in the Australian desert.
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5 Stars!!!!

By kenshagrandoit16
The quest for Australia’s lost gold is deeper than just unearthing a buried treasure, it’s also a quest to bring redemption to the Lasseter family name. Bob Lasseter never gives up hope as he...

Review for Australia's Lost Gold

By reneelemire123
Luke Walker, a director who has been nominated for several awards and acclaimed by many critic circles creates an adventurous masterpiece Australia’s Lost Gold. I got pulled into the adventure with...

Incredible story of redemption

By ajc14h
This was one of the most unique films I’ve ever seen. It was an extremely compelling story. You’re constantly rooting for Bob and Luke to find the gold and redeem Lasseter’s name. It’s very...

Australia's Lost Gold

By charlesfunderburktor
Australia’s Lost Gold is that rare adventure story that draws in its audience not with spectacle but with content. The story of Harold Lasseter is so rich that it needs no flashy elements; all it...

Great Idea for a Doc

By jcrowe181
If nothing else, watch this film just to learn about a legend that has been prevalent in Australian history for hundreds of years. Australia’s Lost Gold centers around two brave explorers trekking...

Real Life Treasure Hunt!

By henrykimball001
The determination of Bob Lasseter is not only contagious, but inspiring. In an attempt to preserve his family name and render his father’s legend true, we follow him through the Australian outback...

A Treasure To Die For

By shanewilliams2094
Australia's Lost Gold follows 86 year-old Bob Lasseter and the latter portion of his lifelong trek to find Lasseter's Reef, a mass of gold claimed to be discovered by his father in the 1920s....