Written November 21, 2008
Tonight I was privileged to attend the advance press screening of this sweeping epic by Baz Lurhmann. This is a VERY long movie - 2hrs 45mins... Above average performances by the two main stars - Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman - the chemistry between Nicole and Hugh SIZZLED!!! And the totally commendable supporting cast(Bryan Brown, David Wenham - as a VILE CONNIVING MANIPULATIVE BACK-STABBING DOUBLE-CROSSING LYING LOW-CLASS SCUM, Brandon Walters, etc.) helped to elevate this stylishly gorgeous movie beyond the ordinary. Great cinematography - excellent direction - average editing - but oh the Australian outback vistas were breathtaking! I truly love the scenery! Could the movie be shortened and the plot tightened? Of course! But then we would lose out on Baz's commendable work! Major themes: Love, loyalty/family, sacrifice, honor, RACISM, etc. VERDICT: Highly recommended. Family and kids friendly. Just be advised that it is 165 minutes or 2 hrs 45mins long...
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Baz Luhrmann puts his movie-loving heart on his sleeve

By thomaslady
Written November 24, 2008
Forget everything else for a sec: The cinematography alone is reason enough to see this pup. I honestly wasn't expecting the comedy and the almost overtly choreographed nature of the first quarter of the film, but then I remembered: It's Baz Luhrmann! It grows on you, though, but then it goes from comedy to action, and finally to drama. Baz said afterward he really wanted to cram it all in there. Amazingly, he did so in under three hours. That little kid who plays Nullah was a real find. In fact, the whole cast was perfect. Baz really puts his movie-loving heart on his sleeve for this one, so people accustomed to ironic humor might be rubbed the wrong way. However, best just to let yourself go and soak up the scenery and the terrific acting.
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Fall Movie of the Year for me!

By sohmerwood
Written October 03, 2008
It looks amazing from the trailers and I love the epic films of the '50s and '60s. This looks like a return to those. Luhrmann is always an interesting director with a great visual style, so his movies need to be seen in a theatre. Oh and I love Hugh Jackman!
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By carolwkelly
Written October 03, 2008
I assume we are rating the trailer--how could we not go -my goodness it looks like thye best movie in years with the spectacular Hugh Jackman and nicile Kidman-couldnt get better!!!
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By shoes4me
Written November 06, 2008
A shirtless Hugh Jackman, nothing more needs to be said!!
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