Austenland Synopsis
An American spinster flies to England for the promise of romance at a Jane Austen-themed resort.
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Don't remember the last time I laughed so much during the entire movie.

By paciunia348
I was really surprised that this movie had so many funny scenes. It was romantic and really funny. It was definitely a chic flick and a great one too. Keri Russell was really great and Jennifer...

Haven't laughed that hard in a while

By KariM
The movie was actually better than the book and had a perfect ending and tons of laughs in between. I think I need to see it again...and then will definitely buy it as soon as it's out....

So Funny!

By ritapitabonita
LOVED IT! Different from the book but they did a great job. I laughed so hard and long that I'm sure I missed parts. I'll have to go back and see it again. I hope they make the second one as well!...


Nor murders, rapes, major property destruction, gnawing anxieties, suffocating terrors. And it's only 1'36" long. There are three mildly interesting characters and then the forgettable rest. Bland...


By benson_beau
It's a quirky romantic comedy that any lover of corny films like Bridget Jones or Love Actually will adore! Predictable, but just god old fashioned fun!...

Funny movie, good message

By sar_car
I really enjoyed this film. It was funny in an off the wall, tongue in cheek kind of way. The audience laughed a lot in this film, poking fun at themselves in a good way in the process. The film...

If you're a Jane Austen Fan, this is a Must Go for you!

By soholla
I went into this movie thinking it would be cheesy but hopefully cute, and left absolutely loving it! Really funny and gets what makes a good Jane Austen fan hands down. The plot is really an homage...


By topnga1
A very charming film, excellent casting, and a treat for those who love Jane Austen's works. It was much more fun and entertaining than I had expected since I had seen this film done as a BBC...

Hilarious and Touching

By Mr Chips 8
Really hilarious - Excellent cast, well-written, unique concept. Jennifer Coolidge is hysterical, but the whole thing glows - an excellent "end of summer" treat. I would definitely see it again. ...


By eileenshropshire
True enough to the book; the changes could be called improvements. LOVE this film. Perfectly cast, wonderful escapism. Watching this film feels almost like a short stay in Austenland. It would...

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Rated PG-13 | For Innuendo and Suggestive Content
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Common Sense Media says Frothy, teen-friendly romcom skims surface but is still fun.
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