What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Austenland (based on the novel by Shannon Hale) is a fun romantic comedy, despite the fact that it falls back on some of the typical romcom cliches, making it seem like women need to be rescued from a life of loneliness by romance. Still, it does try to question those predictable assumptions somewhat and is buoyed by strong performances. Jane Austen fans will particularly enjoy the inside jokes and references to her work. There's not much language (except for "crap") and no drinking (though one character acts drunk), but you can expect some kissing and heavy flirting (as befits a movie with an Austen theme).
  • Families can talk about Jane's obsession with her namesake. What is it about Jane Austen's fictional world that appeals to the character Jane? Why is it unhealthy for her? Do you have to be an Austen fan yourself to appreciate this movie?
  • Do some books (and movies) set up unrealistic expectations about romance and love? If so, how so?
  • Does Austenland question the stereotypes of the romcom genre or uphold them?
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