Aurangzeb Synopsis
To bring down a criminal, the law will have to think like a criminal!
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Arjun Kapoor Rocks!!

By amitdarji25
Awesome Movie!! Great Storyline. Loved all the performances, especially Arjun Kapoor playing two different characters!! Great twist!...

Aurangzeb is amazing!!!

By Uzzieman
I had not that many expectation's for this film but when I saw all of it! It was way better than expected it was freaking Amazing I loved it! I want to see it again and again! One of the finest movies...

By krupashah
Nice movie, Arjun kapoor is awesome....

Worth seeing

By STalreja
Go with no expectations as they are all new actors. The scenes are pretty good and the lead male actor does a great job. Some dirty scenes of French making out :/ I had to distract my 4 yr old...

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By pratikthapa
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By brarsimrat
Arjun kapoor is amazing...

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By mriduarya
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By sarju786
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By neerajgupta69
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Slick and entertaining

By mmani74
Good acting. Sasha Agha is a treat to watch...

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