A gem of a movie available on DVD

By saintandrew
Written July 26, 2008
We picked up August Rush on DVD from our local Redbox for a Friday night, after the kids are in bed, nothing else on TV, TV time filler. We discovered a little gem of a film that we really enjoyed. Freddie Highmore is so compelling in his role which just underscores this youngster's amazing talent. Robin Williams is creepy scary in this dramatic casting. Stories this good are rare to come by and the musical background enhances the experience. We may buy this one to keep in our home movie collection. See this movie when you can.
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August Rush

By CorrieMG
Written March 08, 2008
My whole family loved this movie! Drama, suspense, action, incredible music, romance, comedic moments and a whole lot of soul--this movie had it all! What an amazing cast! I was so disappointed when it did not win any Oscars. I also cannot believe that it only had one nomination. Even the cinematography was fabulous. The only thing I would have changed was the ending. ( I wanted to see that family hold one another and realize their connection on film.) We cannot wait to own this film on DVD! Most of the Oscar-winning films I've purposefully avoided. I won't go to a movie filled with extravagant special effects anymore. I am so tired of violence in films. I just won't support it. My husband feels the same way.
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How Do I Say This Nicely?

By karensaucedo
Written January 08, 2009
ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A Fairytale For The Modern Era!

By moviezzzz
Written November 22, 2007
Forget "Enchanted" - the real fairytale is August Rush! From its beautiful score to its unique take on the bond that ties us together this is the feel good movie for the holiday season. I sat in the audience with myself, my borfried (who doesn't like chick flicks), my 18 yearold male cousin and my thirteen yearold female cousin and none of us had anything bad to say about this one. It will appeal to a wide audience and while a few may say it is a little saccrin, don't let their bitterness disuade you - it is truly beautiful. Finally, it should be noted that the acting is strong and some of the camera work is as arty as the signature song. In the end if you are one of those hyper practical types you may find that it isn't as "believable" as you might like...but fairytales rarely are, but we still enjoy them because a piece of us wants to believe in magic even if only for one hour and fifty minutes! In the end this is a big thumbs up for me.
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Fabulous film! Forget the cynicism of critics...this is what entertainment is about!

By GearMaven
Written October 30, 2007
I absolutely loved this movie during the free screening in San Francisco this evening. At its end, the film received claps, cheers and shouts of approval! The child actors were terrific, especially Freddie Highmore whose facial expressions alone carried more emotion than any screenwriter's words could. The music was amazing...the guitar work, incredible singing by young Leon G. Thomas III, and the gospel singers (especially Jamia Simone Nash). The blending of classical, rock and street-sounds music was phenomenal. The movie was funny, poignant and a tear jerker. Heck with realism...I'm more than ready for a little bit of magic in my entertainment these days! Great film for families with teenage children. Might want to rent the DVD to show younger children so parents can discuss scenes (intro bullying, mean ***an-like Robin Williams character, etc.). But no bad language, no visible sex scenes (although we realize it occurred later), and overall a delightful film. Will buy this DVD!
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