Superb Acting in Dark Film

By bloomie
Written December 02, 2016
As always, Meryl Streep does not disappoint. Her acting was amazing as was that of most of the cast. Chris Cooper played a compassionate part in a film that was otherwise very very dark. Do not think this will have laughs as I did from the trailers I saw. There aren't any to be found, but it takes you through the paces of an extremely dysfunctional family. Not an uplifter by any stretch of the imagination, so it might not be for everyone to see.
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So Nice I Watched It Twice

By psaroudis
Written December 27, 2013
I should preface this review by saying I typically despise these dark, slice-o'-life drama, as I could just as well go live my own life, if I wanted a dark slice o' life rather than escape to the movies. No...I'm much more into spandex-clad hardbodies blowing things up and saving the world. That said, I was lured in by the Julia Roberts bits, in the previews I'd seen, and the all-star cast. From a small, rural town in WV, myself, I found the scenarios and characterizations highly relatable and superbly portrayed. While I've not seen the stage production--which I hear is also fantastic--I can only imagine the film benefits from from the location shoots, which introduces the environment as an additional character. While all of the casts shines, it's especially nice to see Julianne Nicholson, who seems to always turn up in my favourite shows like an unexpected jewel.
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Instant American Classic

By truewestgirl
Written December 28, 2013
Streep deserves her 4th and Roberts deserves her 2nd and the cast ensemble should win Golden Globes and SAG awards and anything else not nailed down. This is an amazing film- from a great American playwright that deserves our attention. Yes it is THEATRICAL. But when did that become a curse word? The entire cast and crew deserve huge raves. There is not a weak link in any of it. Some one said to me - I do not need to see people being so cruel to each other? and I said......well it happens in every damn family I know of. Letts is TRUTH TELLIN. I hope they all WIN BIG. GO see this......and take a long walk afterwards. The reason people are so upset is because LETTS pulls the cover on human nature and is showing us who we are. Chris Cooper's speech is the lesson. Find kindness. But we understand pain. And a lot us understand Alcoholism and Addiction and this film calls into question our deepest fears and holds the mirror up.. We love even when it hurts. I know I do. GO TALK ABOUT IT
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August: Osage County

By mscoutts
Written December 29, 2013
When I first heard of this movie and what it was about I knew it was going to be intense....but after finding out about the all-star cast I knew I had to see it. So I was right....the family dynamics was insane as well as entertaining! Streep's performance was nothing less than outstanding, you see Roberts in a way you have never seen her before and I feel it really showed her talent. Not to mention the rest of the cast, their performances shined in just the right places throughout the movie. If your looking for a family feel good movie DON'T go see this, but if you give it a chance I guarantee you will be amazed with the story line and the truly outstanding performances!
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Bring your anti depressants

By Bonnlee
Written January 01, 2014
The movie was good but man oh man what a downer! Great acting and a bit over the top. The good part about this movie is that I didn't have any real feelings for any of the characters so it was a little like watching a very sad circus. Meryl was divine and delicious to watch. She sure can play MEAN…I think she is the meanest of them all. All in all worth the price of admission.
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