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Atta Girl, Kelly was originally a three-part drama, telecast in March of 1967 on Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. Kelly is a German shepherd, born on a breeding farm for seeing-eye dogs in Morristown New Jersey (where the story was filmed). Once she is of a manageable age, Kelly undergoes a four-week indoctrination under the guidance of novice seeing-eye-dog trainer Beau Bridges. Kelly's first two masters are a recently blinded ex-football player (James Olson), and a long-sightless attorney (Arthur Hill) who feels that Kelly will never be able to replace his first seeing-eye dog. For its first telecast, Atta Girl, Kelly was introduced by Walt Disney himself--one of his last on-camera assignments before his death in December of 1966. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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