• Released
  • October 20, 2015
  • (Limited 10/20, 10/22, 10/27.)
  • 1 hr 39 min
  • Action/Adventure
Attack on Titan - Part Two Synopsis
It is 100 Years after Titans destroyed most of the human population. The survivors are now living in peace. That is, until a Titan bigger than anyone has ever seen breaches the wall that protects humans from the rest of the Titan infested world.
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Movie Reviews

Attack on Titan 2

By rob5705955
This one was a little better than Titan 1. Less blood and gore. I still would like to see it in regular English, rather than English subtitled. Killer grapix, somewhat good story line. Me and my 10...


By slj213
So I havent read the Manga, I've seen the entirety of the anime season 1, and I dont remember seeing alot of these scenes. I know alot of shows n movies are trying things from a different view, which...


By mdsantos0305
It's really good and as close as the can get it to the anime....

greatest cliff hanger....

By desiree1717


By diegopelaez1993


By DJdenny123

Not bad !

By eljujo809
Part one was way better! The way the story ended in part two was ok . But fun to watch either way....

Attack on Titan Part 2

By Kikimama13
My daughter misses Levi!! :(...

Better than expected

By ladylotus17

Incredibly and wonderfully CHEESY

By tinamfields
Ok. My husband and I have been waiting for this movie for a while. Unfortunately, we missed part 1, but we an hour early for part 2. The audience was very into the movie, so it made it more fun. ...