By fernhopper61
Written December 12, 2007
This film was the best I have seen all year and I TRULY believe that it will win best picture at the Oscars. Perfectly executed, this film (after the book) touched my heart and has been worth the wait.
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The Brilliance of Atonement

By dezk
Written December 02, 2007
This film is beyond brilliant, beyond amazing. It is simply PERFECT. The acting is sensational, directing beautiful, musical score touching. This film will leave you with the same emotion that one gets from reading Ian McEwan's book, Atonement. This film WILL win Best Picture at the Oscars. I LOVE ATONEMENT.
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OOOOOHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written January 21, 2008
.Oh Goody..............I get to be the FIRST ONE to tell you the PLAIN TRUTH about this... TWO HOURS AND THREE MINUTES of a plot that did not hold my attention. When Vanessa Redgrave appeared I.....I KNEW IT WOULD ALL BE OVER SOON.... The film falls FLAT. We are supposed to stay awake long enough to buy into this story of a narcissistic child whose over active imagination sets off a chain of events that shatter the lives of those in her powerful path then follow her imaginationas she tries to redeem herself .
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I want my 2hrs back.

By stewfoshie
Written March 10, 2008
The movie has to be the single most painful movie I have ever been subjected to. Even my better half who spuured me into watching thought it was horrible.
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An Absolutely Refreshing Experience!!

By jaytrip75
Written February 02, 2008
I can honestly say that I came away from Atonement feeling an emotion I have never felt before. It was the feeling of pleasantly accepting an apology while still feeling the bitterness of the offense. This movie is brillantly written and beautifully shot. Some of the scenes actually made me ache with the strength of the love between the two main characters Cecilia and Robbie. The story is intelligently told. The flashbacks and flashforwards do not lose you and leave you saying, "when is this happening?" This movie is not for the Rambo fans, it is for the lovers, romantics and poets. Go see this movie. You will be enriched!
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