Full of surprises

By msmit002
Written February 04, 2014
We really enjoyed the film! The film is really full of little surprises. Andy Garcia in a comedic role, the tension between Andy Garcia and Vera Famiga throughout the whole movie, Tom Skerritt's eloquent last word, Peter Riegert's fun "advice" for a young protege... Sure, there is the bong scene - which was a bit silly but it IS a movie about college. Would I want my teen seeing it? No. But I will send him to college and I'm sure he will see this and much more. And hey, waitta minute...it is Rated R so it's not really for teens anyway. No, it's a movie for us adults. And it is a delightful one. The bottom line is that this is a funny little love story that made us laugh and smile - which is what we expected when we walked in. Job done.
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Saw it twice

By kennyparks1990
Written February 08, 2014
It was so Flippin good. The theme was wonderful. I love the way the story evolves. The actor's are phenominal! Vera and Andy completely melt into these roles!
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At Middleton , romance

By edithann007
Written December 26, 2014
This movie was a wonderful surprise. It was a good character movie, and a pleasure to watch middle aged romance. It doesn't have the loud car chases, obscene cliches. It's a good, pleasant, entertaining movie that captivates by actors and a solid, good story line. We need more movies about people! Excellent.
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By jennifer100
Written February 08, 2014
wonderful family movie love it! Please go!! it will make your night and maybe even make you tear up a little!
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It Happened At Middleton

By kidwicked16
Written August 12, 2014
At Middleton is a wonderful love story with a bittersweet ending. Though it was advertised rather misleadingly as a romantic comedy it come off to me as more of a drama with a romantic twist.
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