By Breakfastman
Written August 19, 2015
Cast was great. Their acting was wasted. The movie appeared to be the first attempt at screen writing or directing or something! Every time it looked like it was going to take-off, it had another misfire. The Farmigas were great, and fun to watch. Still, I was speechless after the unfulfilling ending.
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At Middleton

By garyschuman
Written August 19, 2015
Nice sweet character driven movie. A little over the top in certain places but it you're looking for something that deals with real people and doesn't have a lot of explosions going off.....it's definitely a satisfying night at the movies
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Enjoyable Romantic Comedy

By nancyakasam
Written August 19, 2015
My husband and I enjoyed the movie very much. It was a delightful romantic comedy. We think Andy and Vera did a very convincing job of "falling in love" basically at first sight, and the outcome was as expected, and the only "proper" way to end the movie. However, we both agree that a sequel, possibly depicting the two of them meeting up, accidentally, in say two years, after they've each divorced, for obvious reasons, when both their children are entering their junior year, could be feasible. I loved the way Andy (George) dressed for the part, and Vera (Ethyl)'s outfit fit her quirky personality to a "T". Cinematography excellent and thought Tom Skerritt and Peter Reigert's parts were "spot on"! We also enjoyed the Q&A with Andy.
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Boring, stupid, glamorizes drug use

By cbucky59
Written August 19, 2015
I could barely stay awake. No story. Poor acting. There was nothing about it that was interesting, except perhaps the last 5 minutes. Just what I want my teens to see, mom and dad take their graduating seniors to visit colleges and the parents wander off to smoke pot--really? Terrible, terrible, terrible.
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At Middleton: romantic comedy based in reality

By dmitchellsac
Written August 19, 2015
Lovely portrayals of middle-aged parents who meet when their children tour a college.
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