At Middleton Synopsis
Sparks fly between two strangers during a college tour with their teenage children.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Stephen Farber
Sparkling dialogue would count for little without two actors to deliver it expertly. Garcia (who is also one of the producers of the film)...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
It's a lovely film that grows along with the characters. At first, it seems like a pleasing but inconsequential comedy. But it deepens as...
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New York Observer

By Rex Reed
Entertaining dialogue and a collection of tightly knit performances — especially a wonderful, unexpectedly funny star turn by Andy Garcia —...
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Phillips
Small as it is, the film itself functions as a catchy, bittersweet waltz. You've heard it before, but the dancers are fun to watch.
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By Ella Taylor
Though it's fun to watch Garcia let out his inner goofball, the jewels in the crown of At Middleton are the dynamic sisters Farmiga.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Mary Houlihan
At Middleton is an innocuous romantic comedy.
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Arizona Republic

By Bill Goodykoontz
At Middleton is an almost completely inauthentic little romance that is so genuinely pleasant you’ll enjoy it anyway.
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The Dissolve

By Scott Tobias
Farmiga and Garcia have a chemistry that’s unassuming and sneaky, and the pleasure they get from each other’s company ultimately proves...
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The A.V. Club

By Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
Unremarkable, though hardly unpleasant, the middlebrow middle-age romance At Middleton often plays like a forgotten trifle from the Golden...
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Village Voice

By Michael Nordine
Farmiga and Garcia give it their all, and their chemistry keeps certain scenes afloat.
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By Breakfastman
Cast was great. Their acting was wasted. The movie appeared to be the first attempt at screen writing or directing or something! Every time it looked like it was going to take-off, it had another...

At Middleton

By garyschuman
Nice sweet character driven movie. A little over the top in certain places but it you're looking for something that deals with real people and doesn't have a lot of explosions going's...

Enjoyable Romantic Comedy

By nancyakasam
My husband and I enjoyed the movie very much. It was a delightful romantic comedy. We think Andy and Vera did a very convincing job of "falling in love" basically at first sight, and the outcome was...

Boring, stupid, glamorizes drug use

By cbucky59
I could barely stay awake. No story. Poor acting. There was nothing about it that was interesting, except perhaps the last 5 minutes. Just what I want my teens to see, mom and dad take their...

At Middleton: romantic comedy based in reality

By dmitchellsac
Lovely portrayals of middle-aged parents who meet when their children tour a college....


By victoriamaejames
so simplistic. A wonderful love story, pics up fast by just great writing on the scrip beautiful acting, and a great theme in general....


By discobuf
Smiled throughout the entire movie. Great acting and chemistry, cinematography, great dialog and so on. Need more movies like this....

At Middleton

By templetonpeck
Insipid. Stupid....

By BirdieMachine
Formulaic. See Bridges of Madison County, Lost in Translation, and Same Time, Next Year. Having said that, it is heartwarming and entertaining....

At Middleton , romance

By edithann007
This movie was a wonderful surprise. It was a good character movie, and a pleasure to watch middle aged romance. It doesn't have the loud car chases, obscene cliches. It's a good, pleasant,...

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Rated R | For brief sexuality and drug use
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Common Sense Media says Mature romance, empty nest syndrome in flat college drama.
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