Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt? Synopsis
After 12 years of suffering mysterious disappearances of society's most-productive, the nation’s economy is on the verge of collapse. In response, the government pursues policies imposing even greater brutality against those remaining.
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It was outstanding. Ignore the trolls who try to spin it otherwise.

By Ob1zenobi
The fact that people had the guts and the tenacity to bring this work to screen in the face of huge opposition, internal sabotage etc is a testament to the POWER OF IT'S MESSAGE. The 1168 page book...

Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?

By rhfrancis
This movie was a success for me, being an ardent admirer of Ayn Rand, the author/philosopher of the book, for over 50-years. Many film producers have tried to make this movie going back 40-years, but...

Freedom comes from a free mind

By bobursulahummel
Enjoyed the 3rd movie in the Atlas Shrugged trilogy. The Herculean task of developing the screen play and the production of this movie was worth the wait. Ayn Rand's masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged, is...

A Total Disaster!

By realityrules556
We've read the Ayn Rand Book. We enjoyed part one of the trilogy. Part two was terrible, and this final part three was a waste of time, money, effort, and an absolute joke and mess! Firstly, you...


By 328
Awful movie! I know it wasn't, but if I didn't know better, I would have thought it was a spoof or a joke. Everything about this movie was so grossly overdone and "over the top," even the music....

Don't waste your money

By gg33
I just came from seeing the film. I should have saved my money. I LOVED the book and have read it several times. In fact, I even liked Parts I and II but this was just terrible. So very...


By kdatlas
Horrible. Lame attempt at making a movie. The worst ever. And the music was hilarious. Terrible acting. Terrible scripting. Just ridiculously bad. And I Wanted to love it....

Very disappointing end to what is an amazing piece of work

By nlh59
We were so disappointed in this last installment of the AS series. All the actors were once again replaced and the story development, editing and producing was horribly inept. In "the valley" where...

So good!

By nmatr
Best cast. Such a great movie regardless of political inclination. Dagny and John both fantastic! Enjoy....

Ayn Rand would wince

By StevieGJD
Atlas Shrugged is Rand's most direct novel about her philosophy. The trilogy has gotten worse with every installment, with new actors in every major part in each film. Any Rand would be appalled by...

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