Atlas Shrugged Part II

By codygrantguerra
Written May 06, 2015
At first I was upset with all new actors. However, after getting to know the new actors, some of them did a better job playing their characters than the previous movie. I really miss Dagny though. I really enjoyed the story and can only say if you are a Ayn Rand fan, then you NEED to see this. I am going to see part 2 again this weekend and cannot wait for the third installment. WHO IS JOHN GALT?
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Enjoyable Atlas

By movielib
Written July 06, 2015
A good adaption of part 2 of Atlas Shrugged, greatly improved over part 1. Although the first half was too talky, the second half of Part 2 had excellent action and excitement. Fans of Atlas should be happy, and others should find it enjoyable. Part 2 is not without flaws -- too much talking heads in the first half, and missed opportunities to show the depradations of government upon ordinary people. Nevertheless a good film.
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A big step forward

By Mark1943
Written July 01, 2015
Atlas Shrugged Part II removed a lot of the problems of Part I. They've smoothed out the somewhat choppy editing of Part I. The story comes through sharp and clear, now. Critics claimed in Part I that everything happened at one cocktail part after another. That was never true, but there's almost none of that now. What appears in Part II is a strong story that supports the producers and not the consumers, the innovators not the parasites. The essence of the novel shines through. I think they got it right this time, and Part III should be very strong as long as they don't try to show Galt's 100-page speech. I didn't have any problem with a different actress playing Dagny. Samantha Mathis does very well, and Esai Morales is very compelling as Francisco D'Anconia. This is definitely worth seeing.
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Atlas Shrugged II ...A terrific Movie

By drjon4u2
Written October 13, 2012
Great adaptation with excellent story telling. Although it took a minute to get accustomed to the new actors, the flow between the first part and this one is seamless and I was in for a great ride. Even the cameos are wonderful and Teller SPEAKS! Part two begins and ends on a high note and now I'm looking forward to part three. The adaptation of this movie to the book is without any deviation and the photography is sharp and clear. For a very complex book to be made into a movie and to keep it intact is very very difficult and this movie does it all, perfectly. A+++++
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My first thumbnail review of Atlas Shrugged Pt 2

By fuguewriter
Written October 13, 2012
It wasn’t as pure as Pt 1 – the desperate circumstances of 1's production gave a clearer flow. This is more hectic and colored. The thriller aspect and econ-political passion of the book still shines through. A number of unfortunate continuity errors – some quite severe. The Richard Halley sequence was bad. Dagny seems overly tired even with a world collapsing, but Rearden’s character was more or less successfully updated for 2012. His clotted marriage makes more sense given our times. Some very interesting adaptative decisions (e.g., giving TT a central nerve center and Dave Mitchum working there). Eddie Willers is stronger, seems a better match for Dagny. Francisco stands out – he has the burning passion (almost mystical) of someone who's seen another world. Not much like the Francisco of the book – the Zorro-inspired D’Anconia has become more an avenging/liberating angel, but through him we hear some of the purer moments of Rand’s voice come through.
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