You do not go here for special effects

By Zoransa
Written October 13, 2012
Part 2 is somewhat better then part 1. Most of us who read the book will say 'book is better' but at least big idea was transferred to movie format.
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Atlas Shrugged Almost Prophetic!

By GeoGnop
Written October 13, 2012
Ayn Rand, author of the book by the same title written 55 years ago, paints a picture of what could happen in America if extreme Leftist ideology gains control of government. Atlas Shrugged II could be a current news documentary. The economy/energy picture it portrays is in the very least very believable. It takes your breath away as you live out the results of current government policy if left to evolve unchecked. The difficulty of the challenge to resist and redirect the rise of statism in America, is clearly shown. A must see for every thinking American concerned about the direction of our nation.
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Better represents Ayn Rand's points

By Law2001
Written February 26, 2017
What can I say but this movie is an improvement to part 1. It has better acting, better special effects, is longer, and better represents Ayn Rand's points. Stay to the very end past the credits, there is a little bonus.
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Atlas Shrugged II

By donna229
Written October 16, 2012
I LOVED the opening scene of Dagny flying into Galt's Gulch! I thought both the scenery and the direction were excellent throughout the movie. The casting was exceptional, especially Esai Morales as Francisco. I found all of the characters, both the heroes and the villains, very believable. Hats off to the casting director! What was most impressive was the conviction with which the heroes delivered Ayn Rand's words. It was great to hear them come alive on the screen. Rearden's "court" scene was cause for a standing ovation in the theater as well as on the screen! In today's culture where individual rights ARE being trampled incessantly by the professional "bullies" in Washington, where force is advocated as the solution to every social issue, it is uplifting to hear Ayn Rand's words spoken by her own characters on the big screen for everyone to hear. There is no better defender of one's right to one's own life and all that THAT concept entails.
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Unexpectantly Surprised

By larlanger
Written June 24, 2016
After the disappointing Part 1 of Atlas Shrugged, I wasn't expecting Part 2 to be much different. However, I was excited, amazed, and totally engrossed during the entire time. What a difference! We all know that Ayn Rand's book is a classic, and that bringing it to the screen would be a giant undertaking. But it was accomplished in part 2. My advice ... do not miss it!
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