Atlas Shrugged 11

Written October 13, 2012
What an appropriate movie for today's real life administration that is intent on convincing the average american that rich people are eviil and must be taxed out of business!! Ann Ryand couldn't have known she would be writing a classic that would span so many years yet be so up to date. Dagney Taggart and Hank Riordan are the last of the true entranapeurs who are bent on saving capitalism while everyone else is succeeding in taking huge bites out of americas free enterprise system. More and more successful people are disappeariing, the country is on its way to distruction under the (non) leadership of those who want to take from the industrious. Contrary to most books made into movies, this movie is following the masterfully written prose of the author almost verbatum. J Dodd
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Atlas Shrugged part II

By rdvant
Written October 14, 2012
I thought the cast in part one was fine. Don't understand the reason for changing the cast en masse. I esp. liked the first Dagney better. There were no actors in part 2 that I liked better, but some were ok. Francisco's speech about "money being the root of good" (in response to James Taggart ) was painfully inadequate as it goes on for 6 pages in the book. Also, he did not deliver the explanation of why "Atlas should shrug" very well. Some deparatures from the book bothered me. Rearden's standing up to the tribunal was the best scene in the movie. Still, with such a powerful story and message, it is worthwhile seeing and hope they do the final part next year.
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Atlas Shrugged 2

By adamfan52
Written October 13, 2012
Another fantastic movie from the Atlas Shrugged group! different actors in key roles, but as compelling as before! Can hardly wait for the next installment! America is in crisis and this movie shows where it is headed if we don't stop this runaway train of our government!
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Everyone should see this movie!

By cori19
Written October 13, 2012
Not only is this a faithful interpretation of the book, it s just a well-made movie. If you pay any attention to what is going on in this country and the prevailing attitudes of a large portion of the populace, you can see that this is a very plausible (not to mention scary) scenario. They updated the technology in the movie (cell phones, etc) but remained totally faithful to telling the story. I am looking forward to Part 3!
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Atlas Shrugged Part 2

By brucejc04
Written October 19, 2012
Wow! WOW! Way more powerful than I expected. I was particularly impressed with the way they integrated today’s issues. They had “Occupy” Protesters, the 99%’ers, used the term “Czars” for government department heads, everything up to, but not including, calling the top government bad guy “Obama”. Definitely a must see, but will be totally lost on Obama supporters and those who seek their political information and positions from the “Three B’s”, their Brother-in-Laws, their Barber/Beauticians and their Bartenders rather than thinkingfor themselves.
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