Not Surprised the Critics Panned It

By Chad Woodburn
Written January 24, 2017
The movie is an undated adaptation of the fiction book written 55 years ago by Ayn Rand and is ultimately going to be in three parts (this was the second). It does a very good job of presenting the view of economics that many of us believe in and does that by telling a story that depicts what many of us think is in store for our country. Definitely not the movie for many people. But others will greatly enjoy it and will be eagerly awaiting the third part. The critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 0% rating, but the audiences give it an 82% rating. Due to the fact that the movie is extremely right-wing on economics (but not social issues), and due to the fact that the budget was quite low ($20 million), there was a lot for the critics to dis and people like myself to like (strong advocacy for rational self-interest and capitalism) and a lot to respect (on that kind of budget, they did an amazing job). Had to choose between this and Taken 2. Glad I went to this one.
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Atlas Shrugged: Part 2

By Oso Dorado
Written October 13, 2012
A must-see movie. Given the limitations of movie-making, it does a superb job of communicating the essence of Ayn Rand's message -- no, warning -- to contemporary American society. As cinema, it's better than Part 1, and the acting and direction are even more compelling. Esai Morales as Francisco d'Anconia is brilliant. Just like "All Quiet On The Western Front" was for decades after World War I, "Atlas Shrugged," in all its installments, should be required viewing -- and especially reading! -- in every high school. Wake up, America!
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Atlas Shrugged 2

By Regguy
Written October 13, 2012
Awesome Movie! If you're concerned about the direction our country is headed and want to enjoy yourself at the same time, this is the movie to see. Really, it's a must see movie for all ages!!
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Atlas Shrugged part 2

By accenttravel
Written February 21, 2017
Thought it was very pointed to what could possibly happen in America right now. I think first of all Ayn Rand was a true visionary, but more importantly it is what is happening in our country right now. Well acted, you didn't actually have to see Part 1 to understand Part 2.
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There is no other movie like this one...

By Ray_Cathode
Written February 21, 2017
If you don't like movies about great ideas, this is not the movie for you. If you don't like movies with characters that act on the virtues of rationality, honesty, integrity, productivity, justice, pride, self-esteem, honor and benevolence, then this is not the movie for you. The original story was written in 1957, but the world in it could be today, or a today a few years from now, but if you don't like stories with that kind of precience, don't watch this one. If you wouldn't like a story that is a mystery depeicting the murder, not of a person's body, but of his soul - and the fight to save him, then stay home and drone off on TV, after all, you wouldn't want to have to think. If you want to lead an unquestioned life, then this is not the movie for you, so stay home and drink beer.
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